Packing Supplies

Packing Supplies

Relocation to another state or city is exciting no doubt but the thought of packing all your belongings in a systematic way can result in a lot of stress and tension. Most importantly, you need the right kind of packing supplies to make your goods damage and pilfer-proof. Where to procure them from, how to pack your goods, what kinds of international packing supplies you need and the right quantity of packing materials are nagging thoughts before any major relocation. While having the right kind of packing materials for the right item is one part of the job, knowing how to pack each item is another. You become good at both the aspects of the job, you have to become aware of some of the basics of packing.


Moving boxes are the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about international  packing supplies. These are corrugat cardboard boxes, which are tougher than ordinary moving boxes mainly due to its corrugation. There are specific dimensions with which these tough boxes are built and very convenient for packing your things properly.

While there are standard boxes available, you can also get specialty boxes which are specifically meant for specific things in the house. For example, wardrobe boxes, which are usually 24x24x40 in size would fit your clothes very comfortably and will not incur any damage during transit. Then there are kitchen boxes which should at least have the following dimensions – 18x18x22.


This size is consider to  the most convenient for moving your kitchen goods. Available at any online or retail counter, these boxes ate hardy and can withstand items with rough surface and edges. There is adequate space to spread out large and heavy items of the kitchen. Pictures and various pieces of artwork are items which you do not wish to damage at all while you are moving. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and you can pick any size which is convenient for you. Most of these boxes are in 41x6x26 size. The important thing to remember here is that the pictures or the artworks must first wrapp with bubble wrap or blankets to prevent any wear and tear during transit.


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