Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist.

A moving checklist will help  to systematically plan move. So that you  have a hassle-free moving experience. This home moving checklist has to created, through experienced professionals. Who have  provide move advice to people for years.

Moving check list: six to eight weeks before you relocate

  • Obtain at least three moving quotes from different movers and select a professional moving company.
  • If your company is paying for your relocation, find out about the moving relocation services. That the household moving company will  allow to provide.
  • Ask the movers shipping company’s agent to survey  home. And to give  an estimate. Show the agent everything that has to  move.  Add anything later. It will  add to the move cost, even if has a binding estimate.
  • Decide about whether you want to do some of the packing yourself. Or if you want the house moving company to do it all.
  • If you decide on a full service move. Understand your rights as well as your responsibilities.
  • Sign on the estimate only after you have understood everything in it.
  • Exchange phone numbers with the agent.

  Move out checklist: four to five weeks before you relocate

  • Make a list of all the people, who need to  notified about your relocation.Apart from relatives and friends. These include the following examples.
  • Examples

    Government offices: Post Office, Social Security Administration. State/Federal Tax Bureaus, Veteran’s Administration, City/County Tax Administration, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Post Office.
    Utilities: telephone, water, electricity, gas, sewer district, cable/satellite television, trash, fuel (oil/propane).
    Personal accounts: Banks, finance companies, credit card companies, auto finance companies, health club.
    Professionals: Lawyer, broker, accountant, dentist, doctors, dentist, insurance agent.
    Publications: Magazines, newspapers, professional journals, newsletters

  • Arrange a garage sale or online auction service. To get rid of things you don’t need to take with you.
  • Donate other items to charity and don’t forget to obtain a receipt that mentions the approximate value of the items. because you are able to get a tax deduction.
  • Start using up canned food or frozen food and other consumable items. Only buy what you  use before you move.

House moving checklist: two to three weeks before you relocate

  • Notify the moving movers agent if there are any changes in your plans. or if you require any additional services.
  • Make arrangements to ship  car or if you intend to drive it yourself. Have it serviced.
  • Make travel bookings for the family.
  • Discard hazardous materials like aerosol cans, ammunition, acids, matches, fireworks. Drain fuel from your power equipment. Ask for a list of items that are not permitted.
  • Dispose of propane tanks used for barbeques.
  • Arrange for a service technician to prepare your appliances for shipping.
  • Arrange for utilities to disconnected, preferably as soon as you have moved.
  • Put the value of your antiques appraised.
  • Collect all important documents like deeds, wills, certificates of deposit, bonds, insurance policies, check books in a folder and carry them with you, when you move.
  • Arrange for rugs and draperies to  dry cleaned and leave them in their wrapping.
 house move checklist:one for two weeks before you relocate
  • Empty your lockers at the bowling alley, gym or club.
  • Collect things you  have lent to others and return things. you have borrowed, like library books.
  • Some states don’t allow the entry of plants. You  give away your house plants to relatives or friends. or donate them to a charity. Hospital or other organization. You can also include them in a garage sale.
  • You  make arrangements for the transportation of pets by air. Or take them with you in the car.
  • Most states require rabies inoculations and health certificates for pets. Make sure that identification and rabies tags are securely attached to the pet’s collar.
  • You  like to leave your pet in a kennel until you are settled in your new home.

 Relocation checklist: One day before you relocate

  • Tell the packers about any fragile items that need special attention
  • Mark items you don’t want packed. as well as items that you will need first when the truck reaches the destination.
  • If you want certain things to  packed together, collect them in separate groups.
  • If you are doing the packing yourself, make sure that everything is packed before the day of the move.
  • All electronic equipment except plasma televisions need to  unplugged 24 hours before the relocation. So that they will  at room temperature, when they are moved.
  • Every closet, cabinet and locker needs to checked once again. so make sure that nothing left behind.
  •  Present when the service representative arrives to prepare your appliances for shipping.
  • If you don’t have your appliances serviced before shipping them.  the truck operator will mark “Not Serviced” in the inventory.
Moving day checklist
    • You should present on the premises until the loading is complete. Sign the inventory only after checking it, and keep a copy.
    • The Bill of Lading/Freight Bill states the terms and conditions under which your possessions are  transported, and is also your receipt for the shipment. You will  required to sign it, as well as the declared valuation statement.
    • You also  asked to declare if any high-value items or unusual items are included in the shipment.
    • Make sure that the truck operator  and complete destination address, as well as your contact details.
    • Leave you telephone connected throughout the day. Disconnect it and take it with you, when you leave.
    • Before you finally leave, check to see that all the light switches, water and furnace are off. And all the windows are closed and locked. Make sure that arrangements have  made to disconnect all utilities.
    • Check the house finally to make sure, that nothing has left behind.
    • Before you leave, don’t forget to hand over the keys. garage remote control and alarm codes.
Delivery checklist
      • You should present to take delivery, or authorize a family member to do so.
      • The truck operator will contact on the day of delivery. If you are not able to take delivery in the free waiting period. After you have to notify about the arrival of the truck at the destination, you  ask for wait .
      • Check your things as they are unloaded. And note any damage, missing items or discrepancies on the operator’s copy of the inventory sheet. Report any loss or damage to the move coordinator. And don’t sign the inventory until you have checked everything.
      • Mark the positions. where you want  furniture to  place. on a floor plan and give it to the movers. so they can put your furniture where you want it.
      • Collect all documents and receipts. relating to the relocation in a file. You can use them to claim a deduction, when you file your federal income tax returns.
      • Allow electronic equipment. like television sets 24 hours to adjust to the room temperature, before you switch them on.

Please feel free to send us an e-mail. If you need any additional moving tips or advice. We becomes happy to oblige.

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