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Cargo Van


10′ truck


16′ truck


24′ truck


Capacity 1 room 1-2 rooms 3-4 rooms 5-8 rooms
Cubic Feet 309 380 800 1,380
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) Seven thousand two hundred lbs. 8,600 lbs. 11,500 lbs. 25,500 lbs.
Payload Weight 2,200 lbs. 3,100 lbs. 3,400 lbs. 12,000 lbs.
Clearance 8’ 6″ 9’ 0″ 11’ 6″ 13’ 6″
Inside (Length)and
Interior (Width)and
inside (Height)
5’ 0″
4’ 4″
6’ 3″
6’ 0″
15’ 7″
7’ 5″
6’ 5″
7’ 5″
7’ 5″
Rear Door (Height)
Rear Door (Width)
4’ 0″
4’ 6″
5’ 5″
5’ 9″
6’ 5″
seven’ 3″
7’ 0″
7’ 3″
Load Ramp Width NA NA 2’ 3″ 2’ 4″
Load Ramps
Air Conditioning
Automatic Transmission
Power Steering
Power Brakes
AM/FM Stereo
No Wheel Wells
Dual Faced Mirrors
Tie Down Slats
Seat Belts / Seats two 2 4 3
Fuel Tank  thirty-five Gallon 35 35 G 55 Ga
Lift-gate Business use only Business use only


You’ve reserved your truck rental movement and packed your possessions but now it’s time to consider moving day. But you might feel tensed about it. So how to load the items properly?  Therefore no damage occurs. So Advance planning on, so how to load the truck is an excellent plan?

If you would like to have truly thorough and prearranged, So do a walk- throughout your residence and note the order in which things are loaded. Prepare a record but group similar sized boxes collectively.  Because this will formulate the moving day and go a lot smoother and quicker.

The biggest and heaviest objects move first. So this comprises of the appliances, for example, the stove and washing machine, refrigerator and dishwasher, and any other object that takes more than two people to move.

These objects should be loaded on the truck at first and then any other objects so kept aligned with the far wall adjoining to the cab. So keep the objects in their standing positions and take care you balance the truck by placing weighty items on opposite sides.

Truck Rental Movement

But make use of furniture padding to care for wood surfaces and corners. Padding can be borrowed from the truck rental agent and is meaning the little more it expenses. And using a padded guard also makes it easier to slide heavier items onto the truck.

Because of load longer objects like box springs, mattresses, long mirrors, headboards, sofas, and table-tops beside the truck next. So place these objects adjacent to the longest walls of the truck which will maintain them erect and will save space. But Make certain you utilize mattress covers to spare your bed, sofa from splits and tears and so make moving easier to a great deal.

Dissemble bed framework and tape piece jointly. So when you roll-up your carpets, place these things in it and then tape your carpet closed. But place the carpet on the base of the truck.

Next, start loading the biggest and bulky boxes. And Place the boxes above the appliances and furniture and make certain you block any cavities under tables, under desks, and on chair seats.

So Move lighter boxes, but pile them on the heavier boxes and making certain the lightest boxes are in the best position.


So Place effectively flimsy articles or clumsily formed items on the last making, since they won’t move around all through transportation.

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