How to Choose Mover

Choose Mover

Are you planning to choose mover  into your new home this summer? If, the answer is yes then you should know that you are not the only one summer is usually the busiest time of the year for the professional movers. Read on for some tips that may help you smoothen out this arduous process.

If you have decided on hiring professional movers, please contact them now. No matter how efficient the firm claims to be, often at least six weeks notice is needed if you are moving long distance.  Before deciding on the firm, be sure to check the following.


Enquire about how long the company is in this business .Get in touch with your local consumer affairs department and find out whether there have been any complaints against the concerned firm.

Search for the best offers

A bid is a non-binding estimate of the final price. Request a bid and compare them with all the other offers.


If you do not want to run the risk of breaking your delicate valuables while packing, be prepared to pay some extra cash to the packing companies.

Local moving costs

Costs for local moving are typically calculated using the number of hours
the truck is used, multiplied by the hourly hire rate.

Long distance moving costs

These costs are calculated based on the weight of your shipment and the distance it is going to travel.


If your goods are going to be placed in storage .make sure that you know of all the costs associated with it.

Follow these rules of thumb before clinching the deal:

  • Obtain at least two or three estimates & compare the prices to get the
    best deal that suits your needs perfectly.
  • Book the
    moving firm at least 6 weeks before your move.
  • Avoid
    moving at the end of the month, as these are the busiest times
    for the movers.
  • Try to ensure that the company assigns at least three movers for your
    move; this reduces the chances of theft.
  • Enquire about the companies liability policies, and then if necessary
    arrange for insurance.
  • Make sure that you confirm your move two days before you move.

Lastly, staying organized is the best way to have a hassle free move. The more organized you are, easier it will be for you and your family to move into your new home.

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How to Choose Mover
How to choose mover company? Choosing the right mover is not a simple task because it is very difficult to choose the right mover.
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